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Our circle started in 2004-2005.

Our regular meetings:

  • Monthly kick-off meeting
  • Self-awareness and self-development sessions
  • Introduction meetings
  • Massage and treatment sessions
  • Preparation for the International Cultural Gathering (with a variety of stage performances and productions)

Our occasional meetings:

  • Presentations and talks with guests from Budapest, the countryside and other countries
  • Light of Love self-awareness course
  • Gymnastics, relaxation sessions 
  • Creative sessions
  • Film Clubs
  • Fancy dress parties, Christmas gatherings
  • Garden parties for friends (cooking, talking, bowling)


Circle life - Debrecen

Why it is good to belong here…

We can revitalise ourselves from day to day, with active love living and pulsating within us. Although there is a great diversity in our characters, we collaborate well as a team. Our cooperation is exemplary and our mutual support goes well beyond the circle programmes.

In our connection to people and each other we aim to represent the caring, healing, teaching and educating faces of love. We can be ourselves here without any false pretence, which gives us fantastic liberty and enables us to use each other as ’clear mirrors’ in developing ourselves.

We believe that human beings were created to be happy and to love and we ourselves are able to act for it, therefore training ourselves in self-awareness is of high importance to us.

We are waiting for those interested with open doors to show how we make our lives, thus our surrondings more beautiful.

We are famous for our hospitality and we love eating delicious meals! Many of us are committed to a healthy lifestyle, and we prepare special delicacies for each other on special occasions.

“I am grateful for the chance of being a member of the circle and the occasions when I can charge up my batteries, I can learn, I can develop.

I receive everything in one place, better and better programmes such as music, dance, fine dishes, presentations, lots of laughter, self-forgetful love, mutual respect, deep conversations. I love them all, and that’s it!” /Cila, 43/

”13 years ago I sensed a sort of “homecoming” feeling in this community, and I have felt that ever since. In this helpful, honest, loving atmosphere that we created together I can always fill up my energy tank. Through active love we turn towards others, I can learn and get to know more about myself and develop. I cannot imagine life without you now!” /Erika, 47/

”I was 21 years old when we started the Debrecen circle, and since then, it has been a formative part of my life. For me, the Debrecen circle is just as important as my family – many times I experience our community as a big family. It can be a group of friends as well; sometimes we laugh so much that our tears overflow. If I want some spiritual development, this is a spiritually open company, where I can experience teachings about life and myself in the purest form. Here I can be who I am genuinely, and the love and acceptance I receive here in great amount helps me to accept myself as I am, without putting a mask on; and in this way I am able to give the most to my environment.” /Kriszti, 37/

”I love deep conversations when people honestly open up, and I always go home with more energy!” /Kari, 34/

”I love that people listen to me here as well, they pay attention to me, and they hear what I say. I have believed that we can learn the most from each other for a long time. Sometimes a fellow utters a word or a sentence that helps me sort out a given situation or a life task.

Sometimes, it is merely good to charge up here with people who resonate at a similar level, to hug them, to listen to them; to be together.

What I love here is being with the circle as I am without any false pretence or without playing any roles. They even accept my child self.” /Judit, 51/

”I love coming to the circle because I can be with people whom I love. I can fill up on energies spiritually and emotionally on such occasions.” /Erika, 51/

”The Debrecen circle means a lot to me. It is a big family where independently from age, gender and religion we can talk and exchange ideas literally; in an accepting and helping community which I can always rely on in difficult moments as well because here I can always find a helping hand reaching out to me or a good word; and a place where I can be myself, giving and receiving are just as good. It is good to be together here, eat together here () and do things for ourselves, for each other and Love together. I am grateful to be a member of the circle!” /Ági, 27 /

”The circle, the love of its members, the Light of Love helped me to be who I am today and gave meaning and purpose to my life; I can be happy and help others achieve their happiness at the same time. And I have fellows with a similar value system, so we can cheerfully support each other to act for this moment to become more beautiful! to make it more beautiful? And then this moment, and this moment, and this other one… It is uplifting to realize that we have brought and can bring MIRACLES to life together!” /Gábor, 34 /


As a non-profit Foundation we need to create and maintain our financial background to be able to continue our free treatments, to run our self-knowledge courses, and actively promote our cultural and tradition preserving activities.

We welcome all support, donations whether from individuals or companies. In Hungary we welcome respectively the 1% of the personal income tax if you wish to offer it to us!


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