Our treatments can result in pleasant, calm, physical feelings, a sense of well-being, mental relaxation, and recharge. As a result, we encourage the body systems to initiate self-regeneration processes. It is important that they do not replace medical care.


Massage (back, hand, foot massage) 

Consists of touching, smoothing movements that gently relax the muscles and muscle groups of the back, hands or soles of the feet.

  • The gentle massage stimulates the nerves coming in and going out of the touched areas, thus we stimulate the whole nervous system.
  • By warming the back/hand/foot the blood supply of these areas will improve, and the goal of this is always to restore the state of health (just think about the warmth generated in inflamed areas).
  • Thanks to these effects we can stimulate the body for its self-regeneration processes without interfering in the operation of the physical body.
  • Due to the gentle movements there are no side-effects; by relieving stress and relaxing muscles we give support the regeneration processes within the organism.
  • The massage takes place on a chair in a sitting position and neutral oil is used on the uncovered skin.

The massage takes approx. 30-40 minutes.

It is recommended for those who want to restore or preserve their health or wish to be revitalized.


Gymnastics to improve posture

This gymnastics can be practiced by all age groups from children to elderly people. It mobilises the joints and work the main muscle groups carefully but thoroughly.

  • True to its name the gymnastics strengthens the abdominal-, the gluteal- and the back muscles which are fundamental for posture. The weakness of these muscles leads to several postural unbalance, from which serious health problems can develop, therefore it is also important to strengthen them to prevent problems.
  • This gymnastics works thoroughly upon the lower and the upper limbs alike.
  • The “ankle gym” and the “basic movement” have muscle pumping effects; improving the circulation of the lower limbs.
  • Practice of these exercises can develop motion coordination, body consciousness, balance, and last but not least perseverence and will-power.

The gymnastics takes approximately 40-45 minutes.



This method of treatment is based on the operation of the meridian system, which is already well known in ancient Chinese medicine and is still accepted in Eastern medicine. For physical or mental reasons, in the plexus that do not work well in the meridians stacis builds up, blocking the flow of energy. By harmonizing, we will allow energy to flow more smoothly. This can lead to a more harmonious state.

 The treatment is done in a standing position, the duration is approx. 10 minutes.



Our relaxation technique is a great opportunity for physical, mental and spiritual relaxation, calming down, learning to focus, being aware of our body, gaining new experiences about ourselves.

Should you wish to participate in our relaxa session, please call the following number during opening hours: +36 20 319 5655.

Yearly we reach thousands of people

Our data shows only the registered treatments since 2010. These numbers do not include the treatments,
which we give to our family members and friends.

Total number of registered treatments

Number of treatments abroad

Number of treatments in Budapest

Number of treatments in the countryside

Treatment Feedbacks

“Thank you for the treatment! I believe in these sciences, but this is the first time I have personally experienced them. I’ve been struggling with various joint complaints for a long time, but I think it’s worth more than any physiotherapy. ”

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to get to know the staff of the Light of Love Foundation. The head position energy treatment was a wonderful experience, which I did not know yet, I had no experience of it. It was as if I was floating on the waves of a blue sea in a boat. Thank you for this feeling. I will continue to spread the news of this experience in our village as well. I wish everyone a good job. ”

“Through the massage, we not only received physical refreshment, but the hands also conveyed lots and lots of love and humanity. Thank you very much!”

“Thank you for the massage. May God keep the hands of the masseur, the soft touch of his hands. He made me completely relaxed.”t.

“Thank you very much! As a mother with small children, I received extra energy.”

“For the first time in my life, I had a professional massage, thanks to the Foundation. It was a very good, pleasant experience, while I felt the tension flow out of my body. I relaxed more than ever. Thank you again!”

“During the treatment, my feet, which are often numb from my spine, were completely relaxed and I can move more easily. The back massage is very calming. It turns me off completely. Thank you with a grateful heart. ”

“I ask God that you can do your blessed activity for a very long time.”

“Someone made me upset today. As a result of the treatment, I decided to go up and hug the one who made me upset. Thank you.”

“The massage was really great, I didn’t even think it was possible to relax while sitting upright. 😊 But touch really can’t be replaced by anything. Keep it up!”

Health Days

We are often invited to participate in health days, corporate events, village days, where those who turn to us can pleasantly relax.

We provided massage among others:

  • On the Family day of the Post Insurance Company: employees and family members
  • In the branch offices of the Hungarian Telecom: employees
  • In the Pásztorvölgyi Grammar School in Eger: students, teachers
  • At the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service: employees; at their screening/health days: guests 
  • At the Health days of the Eger Police Headquarters: the office-clerks
  • In the summer camp of the Transplantation Foundation: transplanted kids and their parents
  • At the screening/health days of the Saint Margaret Clinic: guests


If you wish to organize a Health day at your company, where your employees/colleagues could receive a refreshing massage, please contact us: Péter Burghardt, + 36 20 319 5684

Where are our treatments available?

At our Center in Budapest, we regularly hold treatments on weekdays, also in our rural and international groups, where we welcome all those who are interested, or who are in need, and everyone who has a desire to get recharged, relaxed and be loved.

Treatment venues and availability: click here!

Health group

Within our organization the members of the Health group are responsible for maintaining the pureness and uniformity of our treatment – all over the world. The different treatment techniques can be learned in courses. The participants have to pass an exam. This is needed, in order to provide the same love, care and treatments for the people – both in Hungary and abroad. You can read more about our Health group here.


As a non-profit Foundation we need to create and maintain our financial background to be able to continue our free treatments, to run our self-knowledge courses, and actively promote our cultural and tradition preserving activities.

We welcome all support, donations whether from individuals or companies. In Hungary we welcome respectively the 1% of the personal income tax if you wish to offer it to us!


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