“To be human and useful under all circumstances.”

The leader of the Light of Love Movement, Bence Fazekas – about himself:

I was born May 25, 1970 in Budapest. I have two grown-up children – a son and a daughter – and a grandson.

Since my childhood I was interested in questions about what Life is, who I am – with my sister we kept asking each other what it feels like to be you? How do you see the world, are colors the same for you as for me? Do you feel the same?

I was 18 when I decided that I wanted to be happy! This sounds so trivial but at that time this thought was a revelation for me and it meant that for that purpose I want to and I can live.

From that time on events started to speed up immensely and I immersed myself into learning about inner, spiritual paths. Before I wanted to be a great, strong and invincible hero who protects the weak, the miserable and in this cowardice of mine I escaped into daydreaming. Then I wanted to become a mystic inner master possessing magical powers, or a wise guru – needless to say I have not become either.

I met Tibor in 1996 who, after his 9 minute near death experience, not only talked about the idea that “people should be told not to live like this”, but he also acted accordingly in practice. He brought methods, techniques over from the “other side” that help humans to find themselves and their universal, divine roots. To this end, he has created an energy treatment similar to Reiki treatments, called Light of Love. He also developed massage techniques and self-development methodologies, courses, camps and around these activities he organized groups, so called circles, with a family atmosphere. This movement has become the Light of Love Movement.

I became Tibor’s apprentice in 1997 and first in 2002 then finally, reinforcing the first occasion in 2016, he nominated me the leader of the Light of Love movement as well as his successor. After 24 years of volunteer work I am currently working full time for the Foundation giving lectures, courses, workshops, leading camps, and face-to-face talks mainly in Hungary where I live, but in the past years also in Austria, Spain, Wales and recently in Switzerland – both in person and online (via Zoom).

My goal, our goal is to pass on the idea of Love via the above mentioned tools, to support the process whereby men and women may find their selves, therefore elevating the level of vibration in the life sphere of our Earth – through the examples of our personal, everyday lives and deeds, traveling from heart to heart; this is the execution of Love and Happiness.

I cannot change the world, however I can change myself! If I become better, if I become more and more myself the whole world may become brighter through me as well.

I myself would like to become a kind and loving person.

What do people say about his lectures?

I have attended numerous personal development lectures and workshops on various topics given by Bence Fazekas and I have always found them to be very enlightening.  Bence has a way of explaining things that makes them very easy to understand, he has a very caring nature and treats everyone as an individual making each and every person feel uniquely important which give me great confidence in him. Bence also has a great sense of humour which he uses to help explain many things. Thank you Bence for all that you have shared with me.


We just keep sitting and listening to Bence but not only with our ears but  with our hearts as well. In all his lectures Bence helps us to get closer to our true selves and he also encourages us to live our best lives in unconditional love towards ourselves and others… Miracles happen when we listen to him but for that to take place we need to open our hearts towards each other and towards others and the world…


Simplicity and the oftentimes surprisingly mundane sense of humor enchanted me; it caught my attention from the very first moment. I remember the first talk I heard where I kept sitting with my mouth open and I either nodded that yes, this is it, this is what I think, I agree or an honest laughter suddenly burst out of me. Is it possible to speak about the most touching topics this way, I wondered. The exact wording, the depth inherent in this simplicity was always moving and thought provoking. Sensitive and severe sentences, a proper sign in the proper moment pushed me forward. Today I dare to say that I was able to solve truly difficult situations with Bence’s help and with all he represents in love and with love. Certainly, without him I would not be the person I am now; without him I will not grow into the person who I can be in this process of becoming.


Bence is an example for how to be humane and how to love. Without him and without this community I would not be the person who I am. He represents an essential knowledge and brings it down to the level of our everyday lives therefore he helps us to become happier, more loving and affectionate, truer Humans. I feel grateful for having him in my life as an authentic teacher and a wonderful master at the same time.


I am very grateful for the self-development occasions. These occasions are such “trips” that, besides theoretical knowledge, gives us knowledge applicable in our everyday lives; they help us make our lives and relationships much more harmonious and balanced in the long run. All of these teachings come with examples that everybody can understand easily as they are also spiced up with humor. I can hardly wait for the next occasion!”


When I listen to Bence’s talks I always receive at least one or two useful thoughts by which I can get closer to myself, to who I am and to why I am here on this Earth, to what my task is, to the meaning of life. I can practice self-love through which I can experience everyday challenges better and easier, I can turn towards those who are around me with more love and affection, and I can act in order for the Earth to become a more loving place for all of us.


I have attended numerous talks presented by Bence over the last five years. He has presented many interesting topics about various aspects of life and love. I have learned a lot in this time. I am grateful for his friendship and all of the times he has helped me and encouraged me to be my best.


Together with our Hungarian and international fellows it is a great experience to be immersed in the ocean of the LIGHT OF LOVE in Bence’s lectures and workshops, to experience the feeling of belonging together, the ineffable love connection. Personally, in my everyday life in a spiritual, emotional and physical level all that is said during the lectures give a lot to me just as the techniques we learn during the workshops. It also gives me support to be able to experience self-love and to manage my life consciously. Thank you so much, I am grateful for being able to be part of all this in the past 11 years. I also warmly suggest everyone to be part of it.


Since I met Bence in December 2017, I have had the opportunity to listen to him in different talks. Each time, he activates my mind, which I go over again and again in the following days (inside me) reordering things and listening. Everything he says particularly resonates with me a lot and I have the feeling of remembering. There is always some phrase or words that “clicks” in my mind and is chained to other internal knowledge so that everything makes sense. His talks have a relaxed style and his very unique humor enables him to engage quickly with listeners. Thanks Bence… we’ll continue on the path.