National Gathering

„Those who meant to be together are attracted to each other like magnets.”

(Szepes Mária)

We hold a yearly assembly every spring where the members of our “big family” get together, and Foundation members, their families, and friends are invited as guests. Between loving and open hearted people we can experience the uniting and convergent power of a big community. We come together and experience this feeling year after year. For the whole day between performances we have the opportunity to talk with friends we haven’t seen for a long time, and share with joy our feelings through dances, songs, poems. During this cultural event we give our hearts to each other, especially when sometimes we stumble on the stage, or our voices or knees quiver, but our feelings are always honest and clear: we would like to give and accept, in one word: LOVE!


Ma 2020. 1. 23, csütörtök,
Zelma napja van.
Holnap Timót napja lesz.
„Millió csillag ragyog fent az égen Gyémántként szikráznak az éj sötétkékjében. De egyik fénye sem csillog olyan szépen. Mint a szeretet fénye az ember szívében.”
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