Preparation courses

The preparation courses – just like the treatments – are one of the main pillars of Foundation’s work. The Preparation Material is an introduction to the Foundation’s spiritual basis – and it contains our basic tenet of ‘living in love’. The Preparation Material is a kind of self awareness journey through which we can get closer to ourselves. We can thus begin to understand ourselves better, think about our life experiences and human relationships, see how these experiences shaped us and what kind of messages they tell us.

In small groups we discuss subjects of everyday-life such as “Who are we?”, “How we see the purpose of life?”, “Why human relationships are important?” etc. Among others things we also explore self-development techniques, and the creative power of thoughts together with other matters.

What we talk about is not new, as we believe that love, happiness, knowledge of Life and natural wisdom exist in everyone, we only help people to discover it in themselves.

During the Preparation, small groups are introduced to the Light of Love Foundation’s ideology, which is both a human-centric way of thinking, and an activity that illustrates this aim. In the process individuals get closer to understanding and accepting Themselves, other People and our World, and in so doing, they can find their own keys to a balanced and happy life.

More information about the Preparation Courses:

In our National Centre in Budapest, (Budapest, XVI. district, Bőség u. 26.), the courses start on the first Tuesday of every month.  There are 4 occasions altogether, 3 take place on the following Tuesdays, and the 4th takes place on a day agreed by the participating group.  Each session runs between: 18.15 – 21.30 on each of these evenings. Preparation courses run in other areas of the country have no fix dates.

Guidelines of the Preparation Course:

For an effective collective together work we regard these guidelines as important:

  • To arrive on time for the course – by this consideration we honour both ourselves and the others
  • Respect each other’s opinion and personality
  • To not give advice to the others
  • If possible to not criticise or judge another
  • To not interrupt one another – only one person should talk at a time,
  • Talking from the heart. Sharing experiences with the others but only to the extent and depth to which one feels comfortable. Taking time limits in consideration
  • Paying attention to the other participants and the trainers
  • Honouring group confidentiality – not sharing any information with anyone outside the group that was shared by participants during the Preparation
  • Should a problem arise in any individual in connection with another group member, it is advised to turn to the leader/trainer for guidance – possibly in private

Our most important rule is: to listen to your conscience!

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