Self Knowledge

“The real experience of the human being is primarily self knowledge. Getting to know the world is interesting, useful, delightful, frightening or enlightening; getting to know ourselves is the biggest journey, the most dreadful discovery, the most instructive encounter. Travelling to Rome or to the North pole is not as interesting as finding out something real about our own personality; the true nature of our dispositions, our relation to the world – right and wrong, other people and passion. When my mind becomes truely mature, I only search for this kind of experience in life.”

(Sandor Marai: Herbal book)

Who am I?

What am I like?

What is the meaning of life?

What comes after death?

Why are lives and destinies so different?

Is there a divine power that cares for existence? And if so what is it like?

When we begin to really think about our lives, these, and similar questions often live in us. Where do I come from, where am I going? Why was I born, and why exactly was I born in that place? What is the meaning and purpose of my life? Is there any sense in Life in general or is it a game of chance? Is there a heavenly power that is responsible and to which we can relate or not?

More and more people are looking for answers to these questions – answers, which help them to find a peace in themselves which can counteract the rising inner tension, fears and uncertainties that our modern lives seem to generate.

Nowadays there are many spiritual schools and paths, the Foundation is one of them. During our self-knowledge courses we create opportunities for people to find their own answers, and to find in themselves and through others the power of love. In our courses we do not attempt to declare the absolute truth, but we share our own opinion about life and everyday life experiences. We usually say: We do not give fish to the Eskimos, we teach them how to fish.

Ma 2019. 11. 22, péntek,
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„Millió csillag ragyog fent az égen Gyémántként szikráznak az éj sötétkékjében. De egyik fénye sem csillog olyan szépen. Mint a szeretet fénye az ember szívében.”
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