Our International work

Camps in Transylvania

The International presence of our Foundation started with the camps in Transylvania.  The human relationships which we built in the camps in Orotva and in Görgényszentimre with the local people enriched us all. It bears witness to the fact, that it is possible to live our everyday life in peace, accepting and respecting each other – irrespective of ancestry and frontiers.

It was an uplifting feeling when the Hungarian Protestant minister and the Romanian Orthodox priest from Görgényszentimre talked about love and togetherness at more than one of our events in Hungary – standing hand in hand on stage in front of hundreds of people…

Health days,  and cultural programs

In recent years more contacts, in countries bordering Hungary, invite us to contribute to their health days, village-days, and city events. We give massage, and also offer cultural programmes where there are opportunities. We were in Orotva, Görgényszentimre Vajdaszentivány, Farkaslaka, Gyergyócsomafalva, Bajmok, Karva, etc.

In the spring of 2010 our health team members accompanied Tibor Putnoki – the founder of the Foundation – on a lecture tour to Wales and the South of England where Tibor spoke about his “9 minutes clinical death experience”.  Both before and after his lectures they gave massage to many people eager to experience something of their work.

Clinical death experience lecture

Our founder, Tibor Putnoki has shared the experience, which he gained through his 9 minutes clinical death with thousands of people throughout Hungary and beyond her borders since 1994.

He has held lectures in Transylvania in Serbia and other surrounding countries. And in  2009 and 2010 he held a lecture Tour in Wales,  and in 2010 another in South Africa.

Our representative in the UK

The Foundations international presence is also represented by our English colleague Angela Youdale, who lives in North Wales. She ran adult education programs for 15 years and during the last 8 of those years travelled worldwide with them before she met the Foundation in 2004. Since then she spends part of the year in Hungary attempting to overcome the language barrier besides assisting our work in Hungary, Otherwise she works to promote the Foundation Impulse in the English speaking world.

In 2010 the first international circles of the Foundation were formed

An active circle was formed in South Africa, Port Elizabeth in March, 2010.

An active circle was formed in Wales, Carmel in May, 2010.

Relationship with other organizations

The main aim of our Foundation is the liberation of the power of love, which is present in every human being.

However since the Foundation started in 1995 its main practical concerns have been in the sphere of the preservation of health. We are in regular contact with civil organizations with similar targets, with pensioners clubs, social homes and churches.

We also co-operate with many municipalities and schools (through Health Days, Massage held regularly on a weekly/daily basis, Cultural programs and Workshops).

The members of our Foundation do all of these activities for free. Our volunteers even travel to different venues at their own expense.

Many friendships developed among the masseurs and cultural program “providers” and the local people. Our aim is to demonstrate that even with the prevailing culture of our time there is still a chance to turn towards each other and give help without self-interest being a motivational force, and that altruism still exists.

How to support us?

1% of the annual personal income tax can be offered for the benefit of the Light of Love Public Benefit Foundation.

VAT number: 18828966-1-42

Account number: Budapest Bank, 10103056-35073200-00000000

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