Northern Hungary


Between 1997-1998 the Foundation had its centre in Eger. During this time a small group of people were  bonded together and have continued to the present day as active members of the circle. They continue to learn and train themselves, many of them have also attended the “Life school” course and they are active members in the Health Group of the Foundation. They try to create an honest, open group, which works together efficiently and they would also like to get acquainted with other circles as well. They are regular contributors to the Health Days in Eger and other locations all around the country.

Circle Meetings

Every Monday from 6pm.

Civil House Eger, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 9.

Responsible: Erika Mrs. Pribelszki, +36 20 366 1646,

Contact person: Kornél Tas, +36 20 297 0000,


The Gyöngyös circle began its activity in the year 2000. They hold meetings on Wednesdays and they also await their clients for a relaxing massage once a month. They go for excursions 2-3 times a year where they enjoy each others company tremendously. They often get together around Christmas time, at the Easter Celebration, and on special occasions. They also organize creative activities which depends on both members ideas and schedules.

Circle Meetings

Every Wednesday from 6 pm – 8 pm

Mátra Művelődési Központ (Mátra Cultural Center), Gyöngyös, Barátok tér 3.

Circle leader: Kati Mrs. Jakab, +36 20 772 0934,

Contact person: Kornél Tas, +36 20 297 0000,


The Alsózsolca Circle was launched in the middle of March, 2010. Since the inauguration of this small group, the members are getting to know each other more and more and they are open towards each and every newcomer. The atmosphere of their meetings is always cheerful and playful. They have been organizing Health Days at the various neighboring towns and villages where they provide energy treatments and massages as well.

Circle Meetings

Every Friday from 5 pm – 8 pm

Alsózsolca, Deák Ferenc u. 61.

Circle leader: Edit Kocsis, +36 30 343 1293,

Contact person: Kornél Tas, +36 20 297 0000,

Ma 2019. 11. 22, péntek,
Cecília napja van.
Holnap Kelemen napja lesz.
„Millió csillag ragyog fent az égen Gyémántként szikráznak az éj sötétkékjében. De egyik fénye sem csillog olyan szépen. Mint a szeretet fénye az ember szívében.”
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