Our Circles

The community has a supportive and vital power, which holds people together. Our local groups form themselves into so called circles. This name was inspired by a poem of Janos Arany (famous Hungarian poet) called Family Circle. The talks in the circles do not only strengthen the familiar atmosphere but are also thought provoking. They help us to discover love in ourselves, to find the source of happiness, inner peace and harmony in ourselves. In other words: to ‘find ourselves’. Those who can enter into the spirit of it can find an inexhaustible source of love, which they can radiate and transmit to others.


Centre Circle

The Central Circle has existed since the Foundation moved to Budapest.  From the year 2000 it has been held on a regular basis, every Thursday.  It offers discussions on all kinds of world-related topics not only for members but also for those who want to know more about the Foundation.

Every last Thursday of the month is an “Open-Thursday” – everyone is welcome to attend who would like to get to know the Foundation life better.  Those who are interested, can not only get official information about the Foundation, but they can also hear, through personal sharing’s, how meeting the Foundation changed peoples lives.

The circle conversations are held in small groups, which provides the opportunity for our members to talk openly and honestly about their difficulties and achievements. Because of the intimacy of these meetings only members are present during the remaining Thursday evenings in the month.

Centre Circle meetings

For members: These occur every second Wednesday day 6.30 pm-9.30 pm.

Informations about the open sessions, meetings please find under the menu point „Programs”.

National Centre, 1077 Budapest (VII. district), Baross tér 18., floor I., door 7.

Circle leader: Ágnes Rónaszéki

Contact person: Kornél Tas, +36 20 297 0000, foundation@europe.com

“Fisherman” Circle

The Fisherman Circle was formed on 18th May 2001  in the Foundation’s National centre in Budapest. The name is derived from the fact that some of its members come from a village called Halásztelek “Fishermans place”. Several members of the circle are also active in other areas of the Foundation, for example the Health Team or the Life School. When the circle was formed, the aim of the circle members was to help people suffering from depression, and they shared their experiences of this work in order to help each other. Beside self-awareness and self-improvement techniques, they are also actively working to promote the Hungarian culture and tradition keeping, which they also present to the audience of the annual National Gathering in form of a music, dance or poetry performances. The aim of their gatherings is to grow in love, read books, poetry, listening and singing music. Free discussions support the meetings, and a special meditation, called “Silencing” closes their evenings.

Circle meetings

Monday 6.30pm 9.30pm

National Centre, 1077 Budapest (VII. district), Baross tér 18., floor I., door 7.

Circle leader: Etelka Mrs. Pócs

Contact person: Kornél Tas, +36 20 297 0000, foundation@europe.com

Ma 2019. 11. 22, péntek,
Cecília napja van.
Holnap Kelemen napja lesz.
„Millió csillag ragyog fent az égen Gyémántként szikráznak az éj sötétkékjében. De egyik fénye sem csillog olyan szépen. Mint a szeretet fénye az ember szívében.”
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