The beginnings…..

In 1994 Putnoki Tibor, an ordinary everyday man, survived a near death experience that changed his life completely. In relation to this experience he realised the importance and meaning of human existence here on earth and the reason for the principle for ‘living in love’. After recognising the way he had lived his own life, a thought formulated in him: “Someone should tell people not to live like this, not to act like that!”

After this realisation, his thought was followed by actual deeds, he himself, took a step on the path of ‘active love’ towards others, and in 1995 he has established the Foundation together with 22 people who supported this impulse.

The beginnings of our activities

The Foundation – as it is today – began its activity in 1997, but it became a public benefit Foundation in 2000 when it took the name: ‘Light of Love Public Benefit Foundation’. It has gone through a significant development since its establishment.  Our activities, as well as the number of institutions which we support or who support us (civil and state organizations, churches, social homes, communities for retired people, etc) have been increasing year by year.

Our Aims.

Nowadays there are more and more people in Society around us, who are searching for their path, they are looking for solutions of how to be more balanced and happy in their lives. The intention of our Foundation is to introduce self-supporting techniques for the overworked and overstressed men and women of our age. These techniques provide effective methods for the prevention of physical-mental-intellectual problems, for the preservation of health and recuperative aftercare.

Free help and support

Through the application of positive thinking methods, conversations, physical exercises, special massage techniques which are aimed at the promotion of health and harmony, we have undertaken the free support and treatment of all those who are seeking our help. Besides the positive feelings of relief and well-being that these methods appear to facilitate, there can also be a marked decrease or total disappearance of certain physical symptoms. It is important to mention that our treatments do not replace classic medical intervention and neither should they be regarded as being in line with any alternative medicine.

Health care

In order to preserve and maintain health we are applying and offering simple and easy-to-learn techniques at our National Centre in Budapest as well as in our numerous other locations around Hungary. Among these techniques are our refreshing back-, hand- and foot massage, energy work, meditative relaxation practice, and physical exercises aimed at achieving better body posture etc. Our treatments are always free for everyone. We are often invited to participate at ‘health days’, events at professional companies, and village festival days, where all those who turn to us may receive the treatments on offer.


Besides the health-care programme described, another important activity, which forms one of the main pillars of the Foundation, is the area of self-knowledge. Our aim, through courses and lectures, is to give people the possibility to learn how to know themselves better and to help themselves – spiritually, intellectually and physically – or as we usually say: “We do not give fish to Eskimos, but we teach them how to catch fish themselves”.

Cultural activities

Among our aims we actively support the awareness of culture through different activities. We would like to convey a humanistic worldview through singing, dancing, by writing poems and creating arts and crafts. Our courses encourage members to express their hidden talents and explore their human values. We regularly participate in cultural programmes with contributions of our non-professional but nevertheless high standard performances. We are invited to many village festivals, and we annually organize a National Meeting that is attended by several hundred of our members, friends, and  families.  We also have a strong and close relationship with the Regélő Fehér Táltos – Traditional Hungarian Drummers – they were established by members of the Foundation in 2007. The drummers hold performances regularly in the Foundation, and both Nationally and Internationally.  They are one of our main outreach promoters.


Since 1998 we have laid great emphasis on the organization of summer camps. Our first camps were hosted in Transylvania, at Orotva and Görgényszentimre. From 2002 the camps are located at Királd (in the northeast of Hungary, near the Slovakian border), and every year there are Self-development camps, Nature camps, and Children camps held there.

Királd – Activity / Leisure Centre

The Foundation owns a resting, training, camping and health facility in the close proximity of the rural village of Királd. In quiet surroundings, with the proximity of nature this Centre provides great opportunities for recreation and the recharging energies for our members and their families. We also hold group trainings and other work-group activities at Királd.

Our members – voluntary helpers

The ‘Light of Love Foundation’ is a Public Benefit organisation, open for everyone, thus it is possible to join as a regular or as a supporting member.

All of our members are ordinary people who have normal occupations, and professions in order to earn a living, and they all live very much in the everyday world.

Some of us live in cities, others in the countryside, some of us have families, some are single. There are both younger and older members, both women and men.

We respect the fact that each may be born into, or takes on, a chosen religion or denominational affiliation.

The link which we all have in common is that all of us believe in the power of Love and we accept its beneficial, educational role in our life.

We do not focus on where someone comes from, or what background or past they have had.  What interests us is what each one wants to achieve, and where they are heading.

We are all voluntary helpers who sacrifice our own free time to help others without payment or obligation,  proving that even in our world there is a chance to turn towards each other without expecting any reward.

Over the past 15 years the number of our members increased to more than fifteen hundred without advertising our activities.

We believe that the Light of Love can only spread through the Heart:- from heart to heart, from human to human.

Our wish, is that more and more people will find out who we are, what our objectives are and what we do. And through connecting with our members, receive such positive experiences that they can recognise the benefits for those who have already have been part in the Foundation’s work, and thus want to be part of this movement themselves.

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„Millió csillag ragyog fent az égen Gyémántként szikráznak az éj sötétkékjében. De egyik fénye sem csillog olyan szépen. Mint a szeretet fénye az ember szívében.”
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